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i agree.....if u gonna do it then do it well, the idea works...just the execution?
yeah it moves u...hmm a good curry does it for me
yes, "made by beer" i can picture the creatives developing this big idea over a few icy cold ales...bloody excellant mate, i love it...the biggest and best ad ever!
what is the buzz tell me wat's a happening? Dated post effects and commercial land kids having such a greeeaaat time. Yawn
the colours, the layout, it stopped me as well.... maybe they were going for that retro 80's look. Its a shocker
woof woof an irish setter...big red. very cool interface.
thanks but they have not yet uploaded all the winners only the best. Should be soon as the link is there for the full winners list just not active yet. thanks again
anybody know where to find the 2004 award results?
maybe her hand was between the concrete and her backside, still very bad taste and not that clever.