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getting farked due to the Beer-catfight thread was fun too - though I suspect our machine-mistress didn't think so.
FROM: rwhw@5941ux.UUC
Date: 1983-06-14 12:57:54 PST
Subject: Re: Smoking . . . (Slow Motion Suicide)
One important fact to remember, "Cancer cures smoking"

Don't you think it's a tad...
Will serial killers take the chance in disposing of body parts today?
Speaking of game ads bordering on bad taste, remember hitman?
It's a SCARF people.
Has to be done:
You're probably remembering last years ad from the Khaleej Times.
The comments in the jmacphee response are also well worth a read. It seems to me that Fairey is a cynical bastard using the premptive suit to gain even wider recognition.
I've used to think that...
I bet they did. This whole campaign falls flat and the "snacklish" word is beyond the pale.
Yeah thanks for both of those links you gave, I hadn't seen the Vallen article (also linked by Yankees) nor the response, both worth aread. This is from the response link:
Here are the happy winners!
Rating it five just for your abs.
Can we please stop making music out of sounds now, it was cool when VW did it ten years ago. Now, not so fresh.
It looks great. When you get fired do you just wrap your desk up and go?
What an odd comment.
I'll believe it when I see it. How can they get a Wired writeup for a napkin idea? I'm not saying it's a bad idea, it does sound like it has legs and will work nicely the way they describe it, but...