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(I've been reading too much Bruce Wagner lately.)
So, couldn't this ad result in the gross volume of Levi's products increasing? It's not groundbreaking; it follows the formula of countless successful fashion ads preceding it. It has pretty, slim,...
Too bad about the copy-catting. Also, how does sharing the ad stop bullying, again? I always get confused about Awareness = Prevention campaigns.
So this is what Allie McBeal is doing now? She certainly kept her looks, but man, the law firm sure got conservative.
I've watced Barry Lyndon, I know Barry Lyndon, and you, Coke, are no Barry Lyndon.
"I'd have to say, in the boot, Bob."
Alas, it's hard staying smart when the world just keeps getting dumber.
I don't know if you can really say the "original idea" of Oren Lavie. A short comedic film done by Mitchell Rose - that played at multiple film festivals and won numerous awards - used a VERY...
Yes, it is pretty catchy, but if you want to hear the classic by Hank Snow, go (johnny Cash did a pretty good cover to, in a spot for...Motel 6?
Can't wait to see what Red Lobster comes up with.
I loved that part in the movie toward the end, where everyone mutated into giant toads.
Same here. I'd take lots and lots of washing to fade 'em out - not just wearing them. Count me mystified.
Frankfort must be very, very cold.