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But both are still around, if rarely used. Triumph still appears on Conan, and other places; and the puppet resurfaced in an employment website TV ad.
"Remember, no matter where...
What better way to show your support of a woman? :-)
Probably one that read "David" backwards.
Since I don't speak Swedish, this was almost only a chance to hear you pronounce your name, and to hear what your voice sounds like - even though, you're right, it sounds like bork bork bork...
Hey! Maybe I could collect enough of those stars to actually cash the gold in for money!
A friend of mine who is a paleontological artist (he draws and paints prehistoric creatures) created a series of life drawings of a set of dinosaurs for the renovation of a local museum's dinosaur...
Sounds like they're conserving paper - especially the money kind. :-)
I received an email from the World Wildlife Fund today (3/25/2009) talking about it, and giving this link:
This is 3 days before the event. Not a lot of advance...
They could probably do it with a long term variant of a time-released chemical reaction (one that depends on the milk carton staying cold a particular length of time).
Possible other uses come to...
It would be really cool if the cartons actually changed to their regular white/green & white/red stripes after the hour is up - on the existing black cartons!
(P.S. Kudos for the $5.00 word use...
Great! - But don't get the red eye shadow! It doesn't really work (and wouldn't match your hair anyway.
Looks like half the winners had real tats, the other half had their temp tats.
Whadja win?
does the sketch look like this?

A new movie starts this weekend (in USA) titled "I love you, man" - with Paul Rudd.
Note that Dabitch has explained it elsewhere - there is currently a problem (legal, I believe) with allowing downloads.