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Actually, that candy looks like something that came out of Ronald McDonald's wazoo.
"But I'd guess that it would be more impressive than that."
Maybe that's why the bear is so grumpy.
Not you, dabitch. I think that was for Palmolive with Madge the manicurist. Some of her customers deserved the b-bomb.
"Hey bitch, you're soaking in it."
"Hey Band-Aid brand, stick this!"
- and several in the Little Italy style -
"Calgon, take this away!" (grabs crotch)
"I've got your ancient Chinese secret right...
Double the orifice, double the bliss.
"Sausage!" is the new "Wassup".
Vowels were first discovered in 1865 by Robert J. Vowel, Esq.
Did Steinmart get co-op with U-Haul? Otherwise, ouch.
Well, at least Herbal Essences stopped with the fake orgasm approach.
Ha! Outclassed by a gorilla.
Old Man Chicago himself -- Lewis Lazare -- wrote that 5 was "for the club crowd" ...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
"No X for me tonight, fellow hipster. I'm currently enjoying a stick of 5!"
So the flip-top box is now a flip-off box, eh?
Very dorky.
I should've known better than to pose such a question in the wonderful world of Adland.
Dabitch, sometimes I wish you wouldn't be so damn good at delivering the goods.
What, no Brooke Shields for Calvin Klein?
Has anyone out there just said the hell with it and put up a billboard with a giant photo of an actual penis?
"Here's a penis. Please buy our product and/or service."