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Another take on it - the web is fast!
Microsoft Windows 7 House Party (web-censored version)
Actually, that candy looks like something that came out of Ronald McDonald's wazoo.
Double the orifice, double the bliss.
"Sausage!" is the new "Wassup".
Vowels were first discovered in 1865 by Robert J. Vowel, Esq.
I do remember when public outrage over certain controversial commercials used to be spontaneous and real rather than seeded and shat.
Or at least they were better at making it seem that way.
That is so obviously a planted buzz-builder from CAROL. Face the fact - when your ooh-soo-edgy commercials run during an MTV pseudo-reality dating show composed mostly of bisexuals dry humping each...
Best pause ever.
Too bad the fella wasn't wearing a bra helmet at the time.