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I told a client "no," once. It was an accident, though. Same with using time sheets for phone messages. If accidents counted, it wouldn't really be a f*ck it list.
"Maybe he's a late bloomer." ... maybe he was home-schooled! In case, god bless ya, kid.
Someone once told me that "making an ad is the least and last of what you do."
That's even better than the picture of my cousin as a tot, in his diaper, with a beer and a pipe.
OK. Maybe not.
"Milton Glaser on line one..."
I was thinking of expanding anonymous coward's to include the loss of an ear but that seemed to be going a bit too far...
Pointing over the shoulder just got easier -- and a whole lot more exciting...
Hey. wait a minute. I did not intend to be an AnonymousCoward! That implies I might be afraid some Suburban Tweens of the Corn will come burn my house down for mocking Justin Bieber, Popstar-...
Cliff Freeman was one of the reasons I didn't head off to grad school for art history. My parents owe him one. These days, I don't think there are very many people who make you say "I want to do...