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Blimey, I'e just realized we got the same email with this "save the pig" word-of-mouse thing :)
AHAHAHAH I'm laughing my "bolloks" off. Very well-written, very amusing ... very TRUE!!
It has that kind-of "Blair Witch Project" amauterish raw image, isn't it? Realism at its best!!
:) sorry but a brand provenance is very important ehehe especially being it from Portugal (me so proud). Anyway the guys that wrote the article got the info. wrong. I would like to work with them;...
Renova is a Portuguese brand :D. Most of their ads are in-house production; they used to work with Grey Home in Portugal, but since its CD moved to W+K (Amsterdam and now Portland) they said (on...
I totally agree with Mr. Paul.
Men of the world, let's stop being politically correct. We are what we are. Simple in our tastes and needs ... ehehe
Oh my God ehehe ... starts with the best of the intentions and ... yep I kind of understand why in the end it triggers a bad reaction on the majority of the people outside the ad biz.
One campaign. One shot. Congrats Icaro (and Joso Roque). Curiosly I've met Icaro 3 years ago at Leo Burnett Lisbon and then TBWALisbon, before he moved to FCB Lisbon last year (he then moved back...
:( I was going to post that new on A-rad ehehe ... Trevor Beattie, a real man of genius. Good luck!!
Excelent!!!! indeed ...