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Odd how "YOUTUBE" is suddenly getting so much saturation, everywhere that has to do with the ad biz. I never heard of it a month ago, the main site was ifilm. It all started with the VW stuff being...
Cheating against everyone else in the business...if you claim to respect the people who you work with...can't be justified, no matter how you try to spin it.
If you've 'won' for a scam ad, well,...

Some great stuff in here, like Harvey Nichols and Haviannas.

Unfortunately, so much of the other stuff is outright scam and everyone knows it. Scam does a serious disservice to real advertising...
I agree. the original campaign, 'Real American Heroes' was brilliant. Whoever came up with that really gets all the credit. But otherwise it's kind of like writing an Economist or Absolut or Time ad...
We don't need more award shows. And the ones we do have should just be improved.
Commarts, D&AD, One Show, NY Art Directors Club, Andys, Clios, and (Sometimes, and only for Film+Titanium) Cannes...
Isn't that the point though? That one small bottle can clean all those dirty NYC clothes? Definitely attention getting for a bus-wrap.
So these are supposed to be the 'best' independent agencies or something? Really? Strange bedfellows.
It's the tone that's off.
Way off. And judging by the tiny skirt, looks more befitting of an ad for the NCSPA.
I find it amazing how two completely seperate agencies can manage to work together to produce such great work.
Usually ads for ad schools are unfunny but these are funny. Because there's a sick truth to it.
That ad looks cool. I just wish I knew what it said.
Kudos to them. At least they won't be entering it as 'real' work into Cannes and Lurzers like many agencies do.
Glad someone nipped this scam in the bud.
Scam is an industry plague brought on by creatives who don't have the talent to make a great ad for a real client.
If I see another double page spread for...
Is it really 'viral'? What makes it 'viral'? We use that term so loosely.
I think the low budget execution is the point.