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I know what you're saying Leslie. But culturally? Yeah. More red than blue.
Hey everyone. Wow this is fun. Can I play? Loved the orphanage thing, by the way. Wasn't there something about a transvestite? Brilliant. Look, guys, here's the deal. There is no intern....
Thanks, dab, for all this hard work. It was a fun contest and congratulations to all the great blogs out there who took part.
Love Crispin. Love what they're doing to change this business. But I can't agree with the Kelly judges on this years Grand Prize winner. Yeah, it's fun. Cool use of media. But this is the best...
Sorry. It was a joke. Meant to be anyway.
"Tell it to the One Club". You know. As in, I didn't do the thing. The One Club did. So if you think it's lame, why tell me?
Tell it to the One Club
So can I. And that's pretty sad. This isn't social responsibility. This is social exploitation. Yeah, no question, it'll probably work. But should it?