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Apparently they don't just rip-off ideas from other companies... they rip off the artistes whose music they sell...
found this link in
OK... for all those who have requested to view the article but could not link thru to the site... here it is in all it's entirety...
Sorry guys... guess you were a little too late on the link.. think they are changing their site or something... mebbe an overhaul... will try and get the article if i can....
If everyone takes a look at the spot again and freezes the end card you'll see these tell-tale words...
guess Jesper must be right.
Bates SG handles most of Nokia's regional work...
American Idol part 3 !!!
the look on that waitresses' face is so classic... great job on casting.
these are hilarious.
are they by Fallon, MN?
it's their spot of the moment
Interestingly enough... the lobster ad was part of a series of 3.
the other two ads being:
a white tomatoe
a white clown's nose
The entire series is in CampaignBriefAsia Issue #15/2001
Glad to know that it's the 22,781st most popular last name (surname) in the United States
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