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I finally got around to watch the video. And it is bad. It doesn't want me to eat hamburgers. It does't make me want to wash my car. Hell, it might even have put me off swex for a while.
Then their...
They just forgot a not. It should say "the file you are about to transcode is probably not not copyrighted."
The opinions above are mine, but can be yours for a reasonable fee.
Hahahaha! That one was silly. But funny.
I don't think anybody could have foreseen an event like this.
It really has very little to do with this, but "major threat" is far more popular than "minor threat" on Googlefight.
Hmm... I found a lot of them here ( But that is probaly not the original either
However, I also stumbled across a few other ones that seem more like real classifieds.