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That slab of meat frightens me.

I don't know. Probably. I'm trying to buy the "It was spec meant to get us a job" line. People do spec all the time. Crazy spec. Low-budget spec. Maybe they won the lottery and wanted to blow it...

The only thing I wished Dabitch had asked Dan is if that explosion is post or pyrotechnics. We have a little dispute here at the office...

That bites. For her I mean.

I thought it sucked all the way through. Very unfunny. It's not like it was Office Olympics or anything. To top it all...

I guess the writer on this had had German as third language back in school. ;)

Good to know, don't try to stare Ernest down if you get an interview with him. He's eerily good at that.

Do a lot of Swedish people speak French? Is it obviously embarrassing to the general population?

Those headverts have the dumbest looking photograph in ananova quirkies news.

More Trivia: The man who sold the moon wrote the idea of using the Moon for a billboard for a popular soft...

What I find most interesting here is to watch how it all evolved. Calacanis makes a post to start a discussion. He gets it, but then more than one person has said they have their comments...

Cheeky Brits.
Pretty funny for an ad for Christianity. God is hip?

Someone is singing out of tune. ;))

I bet you're right.

Also, I really like this ad as well. Eyecatching.

Must look pretty good dragging all the traincars behind it.

Holy Cow Batman! The Lowculture posts are over-the-top ironic yet the comments are dead serious... Or is this some new kind of irony that I don't get? Creative Disobedience is serious too. It's...