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That theme -- reflecting a generational change in the relationship between media, politics, candidates and voters -- suggests that "Hillary 1984" could have the iconic power with the 21st century...
More Iver safe revolvers
This old gem Iver Johnson Safe Revolver
No comment.
For anyone wanting to practice their skills at identifying logical fallacies, Panlegis and Hillevi Larsson provide some examples.
The Swedish blog quotes do as well.
I'm not sure how well that would have worked in Canada. Our bowling balls don't have holes. ;-)
If Monty Python had used polar bears, it might have been even funnier. If planestupid had used cows, it might have been even more stupid.
If you go to the Distributel Communications Limited web site, the ads get even more confusing.
I hate those pop-ups! Had I'd known it was going to do that, I wouldn't have used it! I apologize. :-(
My point of the video I posted is simply the "bleeding" billboard reminds me of the "bleeding"...
Another bleeding billboard can be in found in the Simpsons episode, Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie (fourth season, six episode, November 3, 1992)
"A blood-spouting billboard spews (hopefully fake...
It's all been done before. ;-)
PLEASE SEE FILM HERE Dabitch has removed the embed due to pop-ups, sorry.
If you play the videos enough times, the body paint will wear off.
A billboard to distract drivers while they are driving in hazardous weather conditions.
From pole to asphalt in.....
Is that a real woman? or a photoshopped image of a blow-up doll?