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ACD in a far off city you probably never heard of

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I think they did mislabel, in a very amateur way. It's entirely possible to get 28 million impressions per day if you have 6 million daily unique users. That's where they messed up, the_Donald might...
This Dash Charge is pretty cool and there's some interesting info going on in this video to be fair. It's actually basic math and they talk about it like they reinvented the wheel or something, but...
I don't think they were talking about pyramids.....
What do you mean recently? It's practically been a national sport in Adland to point out that sucking sound since 2004!
This is a great idea. Well done.
This is so terribly terribly bad. SEINFELD COME BACK ALL IS FORGIVEN!
igotmadskills doth protest too much. It's obvious that he wrote the offending VO. Congratulations, now we know that you are both a hack and an ass.
Pretty funny, in a naive sort of way.
It feels really Fred & Farid to me. Not that they have a stereotypical approach/ideas but that all their work seems drenched in glee, the pure love of making it. We could all do with a little...
I had no idea that the furries market was large enough to warrant their own campaign.
But perhaps we are all closet furries. I loved this.