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I am an adman in India who keeps track of creative happenings around the world

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@Dabitch: I can get a nice discount for you :-) . Seriously.
Hi DaBitch,
I had made a post on my blog
Is YouTube the new creative goldmine?
Mumbai, India.
PS: Same idea. Fallon did more sophisticated execution.
Great find! Fallon London has along hstory of filching ideas: Cog, Animated Bunnies, and now sadly Gorilla.
Simply brilliant!
Sorry a dud at HTML the link is there.
Google the headline and you will get the article.
The last ad Pops Sridhar wrote was in 1947 when India got her Independence.
Jeez these guys will justify anything.
The Asian mentality ( bar Japan) is to condone rip-offs and hog the credit for someone else's work
Is it any wonder that Singapore and India lead the way in rip offs and scam ads?
If only you could get the name!
Alas and alack.
Dabitch and others,
What percent of ads that won at Cannes are fake or scam ads?
80%? 70? 50?
How about setting up an online poll?
The organisers of Cannes are laughing all the way to the bank.
Not just that they buy columns inches to press to boast about their wins.
India's GDP is the sceond-fastest growing in the world after China but in terms of creativity we are stagnating.
O&M and McCann Mumbai, India are known in India for doing ghost ads.
Or they run it once just so that it can "qualify" for award shows. (Like"Tension")
If they get caught the top creative...
I thought India held the top spot!