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Pardon me for being thick - but how is a paid mention not and advertorial?
The 18 year old girl who found herself in the upskirt subreddit should lawyer up and sue Condé Nast.
C'est quoi ce bordel?!!
Maybe it would have been better with less foam?
Holy crap. (This is great)
They're radio ads. Not racist.... Or too "sensual" ? wtf? They're just not very funny as commercials. As radio ads though, they're not bad as Boddie sings quite well.
I love it. You make a mean client, that shot in the bed is adorable.
All stock images and then real tsunami footage? That's in really poor taste.
Funny bizarre?
Nice twist, I like it. Nice photography as well. But what magazines will this run in? It seems targeted to men.

Another honorable mention should go to the people who created that O.B. Dracula ad. They seem to have read too much into the recent Twilight trend.
Ugh, this is so shit.
Where was the youtube link? Does it state that the user pulled it or did someone report it?
Wow, this is great!