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These are great. That is so my worldview in the afternoon.
God is in the details. Really nice work Sukle. (Never heard of these guys. Guess we better watch out for them.)
Also, darrylohrt is right on. Those "user generated" contest are not only costly and bad, but insulting to the professionals that actually created them, which is even more confusing.
No Spec! have a post about Pixish: "Pixish is Spec-ish".
Like other posters, I hold Derek in high regard so his waffly stance - professing to be against spec yet promoting spec - was a confusing...
I don't think so Neaner, it's right on time, and since they've never done commercials before a beautiful 90 second ad will get the attention they need.
I've been wondering actually, how did they get the page wrinkled? It looks like it's been wrinkled for real, so did they have interns crumpling up freshly printed magazines or is this just a hoax?
Yes, I couldn't even get through it.
Ugh, the mating one wasn't pretty in my head. I liked the little angels song though.
These ads are great! Steve Novick for PRESIDENT!
I laughed. Am I going to hell now?
I couldn't agree with you more. Wise move from Vitton.
At least Old Spice left the "will attract horny women" territory of Tag/Axe/lynx which is so tired now.
Rating this high just for the great chance to check out the executions of these, the first one is really nicely Art Directed the other two not so much. 
The entire jury on that Adofthemonth site is male. Dabitch, why aren't you one of the judges?
But of course. My bad.