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Isn´t this a badlander?
Come again? Maybe Che was good in the late sixties. 6-8 years ago he was just as dead as today. Jeez.
Great idea and a nice performance. But how many units? Distribution?
Oh, thank you dear. From now on every campaign will contain my arms :-)
Good idea. But is it for real?
Damn. Probably one of the best guerrilla stunts I´ve seen.
Of course they mean that the pork is stuck between the teeth.
Strange. Very strange. Wonder what makes those guys tick.
Hah. Who demands all that information? The client? Or the authorities?
Exactly Dab. It was the Mumbai restaurant I was referring to.
Interesting. But it sounds familiar. Hasn´t it happened several more times in Asia?
For example, didn´t an Indian restaurant use the swastika in their signs?
Nice media idea but not much relevance. Sure I understand the connection between the pet conference and the product and the tag line. But why on the pillow?
As long as you´ve got the money, nothing impossible is. Great idea.
I´m supposed to be one of the 105 millions. I guess that I wasn´t really listening. Or maybe I need some german language refreshment. Or both.
He sure fooled me. I thought that the dialogue was actual until the end of the movie.
Looks like a boule ball to me. A game only old people with lots of spare time play.
Well done Mike. Really well.