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I'm thinking it might be a site redesign of eBay owns the domain (they have ebay as a client), and the logo color scheme seems similar
I don't think BugMeNot leaves anything more than a scratch on communities - chances are, the people that use it for a site aren't really looking to participate in a community anyway... they just...
Yeah, they're just a little behind ;D
This is beyond awesome.
Congrats!!!!! :)
Dang, I only missed one on the quiz!
I wonder how many times they ran this
I love the concept, but even with the freaky missing shoulder, I didn't see it as maybe being a torso til I read the copy. Really tough to pull off...
The counter counterfeit counter on the website got a laugh out of me :)
I forgot to add that there's no mention of the Virgin brand though, and no link to the Virgin site... so maybe MSN was the one who had to pay to use it?
Using non-original content does makes sense for a search engine, But yeah, seeing the Dog Judo in there was particularly odd.
This is fantastic!!!
I hear splenda is a godsend for diabetics though.
The company's running into problems keeping up with the demand.
Exactly how I felt. It went like, "hahaha! what the- oh wait... maybe i shouldn't be laughing at this?" I sent it to a few friends (and got it sent to me by a few others) and all reactions were...
Woohoo! I'm excited... Thanks :)
Awesome post! I bet we start seeing a bunch of parodies soon too... wasn't there some automotive guerilla work that sold the "new car smell" in a bottle? If not, there should be.
News media outlets are starting to pick up on this thing - Steve Rubel's gonna be on CNBC to talk about it in an hour.