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This is shit. A total rip-off from the 100 best moments of youtube. Sans the funny.
Possibly a trend.
I'm a different target market than you, I don't get breathless Swedish blondes, seems google knows more about me than I care to admit. The question is, why are so many dating ads showing up here?
This "Anorexia Nervosa" image was painted by Dr Mohamed Osman in 2004.
In a similar vein, these ads from the Martin Agency show recycled ideas... To sell the idea of recycling.
The twin Xerox ones are funnier though.
Eh, why is there a pop-up opening here? Adland never does shit like that.
I've seen "bleeding" billboards before, I'm sure of it. But when I try and find it I only find this runny mascara billboard...
What about "ads that were a really bad idea", wuch as wrapping babies in cellophane. This is a real dupont ad.
Recursive art.
Still, it's one of the highest viewed this week so it's got the whole "sex sells" going for it.
No, it's not like the 7 up yours. That was a commercial where everyone understood, except the guy wearing the shirt. Here, half the internet population understands but your regular ma & pa think...
Kids these days, do they even read past the headline?
And in this whole post, not one link went straight to Kissies blog.
I think that's called "brandishing", dear.
Human made viral. The whole idea centers around how gross the drink is. As soon as frat brothers and Jersey shore people tire of it, the drink is over.
Halo has consistently kicked ass in all awards shows in recent memory and if "The Life" doesn't win a Lion something is very wrong.
Halo 3 ODST - The Life - (2009) 2:32 (USA)