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Since arabic reads from right to left... wouldn't the image on the right be read first?
What's the controversial bit? I guess I don't get it?
even odder than that they can steal our number and thus our life is that we willingly give our life away to whatever credit company offers us a free t shirt.
Wow, shameless. Absolutely shameless. My partner says we should revoke the term "writer" and just use regurgitator. I think he's right.
Even on youtube,...
what the hell is that "fruit" on the right? the garnish of the loom?
is this some kind of alternate reality game? the yourmediacoverage website is so horrible, not to mentiom the work for pop secret, I almost wonder if some fans invented an ad agency along with made...
Personally this kinda shit pisses me off and should piss off any consumer who accidentally clicks on it.
#1) spaced invaders played better since almost thirty years ago. Want power ups? Galaga,...
This reminds me of that old joke you see sometimes where it's like, they show a political commercial and it has "keep ojn rockin in the free world" playing and he's kissing babies, and it's "...
All I see is some fabulous couture?
adverlicious has in interesting concept, i dig that, but what is your criterion for what you post? It doesn't seem very curated.
Even worse than the badland is the "reason #19".
I think you should have to prove that you've actually shown reasons #1-18 before you can be allowed to use this tired device.
It's like a video version of "our dumb century."
Oh yeah maybe so, they came on one after the other.
I found a video of the intro to 3-2-1 contact but it didn't have this clip. They also have electric company:
My adgrunt status is currently "unspectacular" (a far cry from super) and I cannot see the video, but from just the clip I would say that it's a parody of a little clip that was shown on the PBS...