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Funny, I've been chatting to someone recently about the decline of good stuff from Arnold.... So I guess we aren't the only ones to notice it huh? Your car-account theory might be right on. Shame.
this is gooooooooooooood!
Well good on us, can we raise the bar a bit now? I'm sick of the sex-appeal ads. Cheap shots every time.
advertising seems a bit urinal obsessed lately. It's all going to piss. ... how is the womans version going to work!?
I wonder if the creative team saw the monkey zoetrope at the Burning Man last summer. It was huge---
That lollipop debacle made it to the Sunday Times, and they headlined it "The great lollipop debate" btw. Not exactly an unknown artist, put it that way.
Perfect, I even get to wear my cat mask. Ta.
From Playboy 1976 via.

Here's another unfortunate placement.....
I bet they'll blame it on some intern though. Even interns in advertising should know about copyright but these days, with digital mockups and other sins, nobody seems to have the faintest...
Don't I sign away the rights to my image/headshot in all of the above mentioned social networks? Does this clash with current advertising laws?
on preview: deep.ed pardon?
You keep giving us new reasons to leave facebook... yet I can not click away. I need help.
I can't opt-out of this shit either. Creepy. What other sites are using it?
If you don't keep track of spec work, then who will?
The simple life? They're spoofing the simple life? Why does this idea feel really dated?
What TDD said. They had the right idea but lost the magic. Also, I wonder how many in the target market actually know Bruce Lee these days. Ten fifteen years ago, sure. But I don't know what is...