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That's what happens when you hire adpeople before they've sexually matured.
Hey H&M, 2007 called and told you to lay off the flash mob marketing stunts now.
But hey- in't that the whole deal with Paris Hilton ? Noone gets it - that's why we're all stunned, fascinated and prone to watch this commercial even though you told us not to.. .
I'm not complaining - I'm just ...
Yes ! Niceness !
I saw this on vimeo last year - has been a favourite ever since. It's so clean.
Be sure to watch the others as well;
Tor Rauden Källstigen is 50% of one of Swedens best techno outfits: Beoeos Kaelstigen;
The thing that got me was that I've seen graphic accidents before - but this goes on to show how you wait for ambulances, how you have to remain inside the car with your supposedly dead friends...
Why are they giving it all away in the start???