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remind me these campaigns
remind me this (2009)
ahahah and what about this Drifters campaign from Leo Burnett, South Africa done in 2006?
So this is not only theft, it's also a copycat ;-)
I love the title of your post :-)
Let me offer you one more "russian" example of these sucking ideas.
It's been done in 2005 and send to the Moscow ad fest!
I have a feeling of déjà-vu :
you're so right! I totally didn't saw the lookalike, but it's striking :-)
Nissan did it in 1997 !
I love when you say "It's been done" with a pretend french accent!
ahah remind me these and these
Also I remember one for Austin Powers with "Mini Me" as a mini poster... but I can't find it
These ones are very similat too (same joke with vacuum cleaners)
Cannes Bronze Lion... 1997 !
There is a 1979 (!!) Tv commercial from Australia for Chupa Chups with the tagline "tickle your little taste buddies". It happens inside the mouth of a young kid eating a Chupa Chups! Unfortunately...
ohoh here is another one :
I love it!
The funny thing is that some people sent it to me saying "hey, man look, it's a huge copycat!" because they didn't get it at first sight :-)
Done before (2 times) :
There is a great article (6 pages!) in the latest issue of french magazine "Beaux Arts" nammed "When ads are inspired by art" (or something like that), and they show this particular example. I took...