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Dude, when I pause it it gives me embed code. That's just mean!
Gosh, you know, you lay half of Copenhagen and suddenly everyone thinks their babies are yours...
Yes, that ad is 100% true-to-life. I love me some hygge. And by "hygge" I mean sexual intercourse...
Seriously, I think Denmark punk'd the world with this one.
You're famous!
What's a pink paper? Are they homosexuals?
Why were people posting pictures from Iraq on a post about Tibet and a Swedish ad campaign?
That's exactly the problem. But advertising has always tried to convince you that a certain product is somehow rebellious, and it's always (or almost always) bullshit because buying products from...
I wonder if you can get one with a "fatting" feature.
The paper later published an apology to the author, readers, and energy company for the ad placement, claiming they had not checked the content of the ad.
Must not be a popular newspaper. Apparently...
Wow, I didn't notice that the nokia link went to Ad-Rag.
I am completely agnostic about whether or not the Puma ads are real or fake, I just wouldn't put anything past the corporate world. That said...
Eww! Ask, you're icky!