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or remember the Mr. Clean one:
A few weeks ago Bensimon lost Hyundai in a ridiculous move by the client to take it to a lamer than lame "agency" called Innocean Worldwide Canada.
Massive continuity fail.
Betty White gets tackled into a mud puddle but her back has no friggin' mud on it in the huddle shot.
I cannot believe I LOLd at this.
I'm ashamed of myself.
But this is the best written one I've ever seen.
Hey what's that wooshing sound?
Thats the sound of the low flying jet flying over the heads of tens of millions of knuckledragging Super Bowl viewers who won't have a clue what this obnoxious and...
These horse spots are crap, have always been crap and always will be crap.
I give this a ha ha ha even though it's entirely predictable.
I'm embarrassed for everybody involved in this train wreck.
However, I'm happy that the dwarf people got some work.
This spot is CRAP. That is all.
So deliciously nerdy!
These are awesome. Well played indeed.
Great idea, so-so execution. That's way too much blood to come off the sword. This could have been amazing if they'd spent more time crafting the perfect slightly more real situation with Uma and a...
For the first 5 seconds I thought it was Duckie from Pretty in Pink.
I love thoughtful little brilliant things like this.
Wow. This is really, really stupid.
And at the end the woman has the baby but she's still pregnant. FAIL.
These ads are bad.
But you'd think DDB would have learned its lesson from this fiasco: