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Jeez. They really are ridiculous.
Maybe they just liked this version better than the one that ran (I don't).
Well the reason I looked is that I remembered older Hotwheels campaigns and the 'carpet' idea isn't nearly as good. I reckon it's a case of 'bastards with no taste rejected my work of genius'...
Interesting. I notice this, though, on Ogilvy's site:
Surely they aren't running two different big-spend campaigns for toy cars within a couple of months of each other?
If you rearrange the words in that headline does it make sense? I'm struggling with it.
Hmm. Well it looks like he might be playing an A chord, but I suspect he isn't playing anything. Look at how his pinkie is sitting right on top of the fret. In fact his fingering is terrible...
I love the way the guy keeps his socks on in the top ad.
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