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When all else fails, print the press release.
Great writing, great art direction, great direction, great set design, great performance.
NY Times does just plain fantastic infographics.
It nearly killed Jack Box later though.
Why didn't they sell ad space on Julia Roberts' teeth?
30 seconds of that girl fully clothed with a Doritos bag would have been a better ad.
I think you should have spelled it or Quiznos.
I thought it bordered on pretentious. Why did Heineken fuck with de Jesus like that?
Mine says Sony, you Vizio bitches. Don't go insulting the audience.
Why the hell does a third-generation American Clydesdale speak with a Scottish accent? Logic bomb.
Can't wait for Super Bowl L. That should be a graphic design catastrofail.
EPIC FAIL. Pepsi is a pop-culture leech stuck in a two-year time lag. And the fact that SNL sold out one of the only funny things they've done in years completes the suckage.
My favorite of the game - Baldwin nailed the crap out of this.
Is Jimmy Kimmel writing ads now?
Sorry, my inner geek had to correct this.
Was that a Dokken shout-out?
I like the look of this face, but I can imagine it quickly experiencing Trajan-like usage by lazy designers.