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@ Robblink. You think so? I was afraid it would be seen as too sleazy/inane/stupid/passé/WTF for adland.
They don't speak English in Belgrade! Who knew?
"Bad"? I would have said it's "badass".
Misplace that.
The News of the World was in the business of invading peoples privacy.
But we got caught.
We're really sorry about that.
Our business was founded on the idea of "anything goes".
You will hear more...
BTW "Clean after your dog" should read "clean up after your dog"
I love it!
Truly gorgeous shot of you.
Great graphics. Terrible English. Love it though.
These PETA spots just get worse and worse don't they? "The scenes, which are amusing and sensual" should read "The scenes, which are cheesy and boring".
I got as far as "Return on Ideas"..."wholistic offering" ... what's the name of this mob again...W.A.N.K?
I've always found that a criminal background makes for a damn fine copywriter - drugged or not.
DaBitch...this is totally off topic but I thought you might like to know the URL just sold for $151,400 - one of the largest .org sales ever. And "sexe" of course means "sex" here in...
Let me guess...that's a photo of two tits right? Either Blue Tits or Great Tits. Sigh.
Wow...very cool.
Gorillas: 1 Stupid woman: Nil
They've got a point - that logo is just crying out to be graffitied. And the slogan will be "Coffee, tea, me".