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Looks like the prediction in this Fast Company blog earlier...

Funny - you'd think this story about McCain's daughter wearing the keffiyeh would have generated...

Hey Marlboro Man, suck on this.

Hey Aflack Duck, get stuffed.

Hey Doughboy, get baked.

Hey Mikey, get a life.

Amusing this concept of "tough toys for tough boys". There is currently an advert airing in the US for Tonka which follows a similar concept using the strapline "Built for Boyhood". Thought I...

Fantastic. It will give me something to do during my long and semi-boring meetings today.

Hey Cheerios Bee, buzz off.

This is true. :)

Any limit to the number of submissions one person can post?

Hey Michelin Man, re-tire this!

The rug petting at the end is a bit creepy.

Interesting concept and nicely done. Do we now start throwing around EGC as the next evolution of UGC? ;)

That Gillette spot is fantastic. Shame all their most recent Super Bowl ads are complete drek in comparison.

Fabulous - as usual. :)

Hahah! Now that's smart business. ;)

Wow - they've gone full circle!

Wow. Nice selection of bad super bowl commercials! Some of those are just plain painful!