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Nice to see some truly classic print ads, if only their headlines weren't so vomitatingly pukable. "I have a headache, so I take Advil, so I can do yoga???" Just do the yoga, then you don't need...
Yes, Ed & Jasper made me a proud teacher by winning a Bronze Lion with this idea.
It's weird. The Master Kong brand produces a variety of food products from bottled water to noodles and cookies. Euro RSCG as well as Saatchi work for them. The mistery exec creative director Brad...
Beard one is cool. The staple in hand we saw back in 1997 or 8 for hansaplast by Portuguese at director Ricardo Adolfo.
Hey, I know that guy...
Just saw that somebody already crapped, packled and snotted over the rice krispies
I've lent my copy to someone, I don't remember who, so here goes.
Hey Jolly Green Giant, sit down!
Funny fact.
Adam from Discovery Channel's Mythbusters starred as a shop clerk in one of the Mr. Whipple commercials way back when.
| M | a | x | i | M |
I loved "the circulation of clips during friends and colleagues". A typical example of the beautiful language known as Gerglish :)
If it is not only see-through, but also walk-through, then I like it. A truly interactive outdoor ad.
Remember that slogan for a small Amsterdam coffee place?
"For coffee immediately. No decaf."
Due to some windows/quicktime thingy i couldn
I also think this one is a co