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Nice to see some truly classic print ads, if only their headlines weren't so vomitatingly pukable. "I have a headache, so I take Advil, so I can do yoga???" Just do the yoga, then you don't need...
Yes, Ed & Jasper made me a proud teacher by winning a Bronze Lion with this idea.
Beard one is cool. The staple in hand we saw back in 1997 or 8 for hansaplast by Portuguese at director Ricardo Adolfo.
Funny fact.
Adam from Discovery Channel's Mythbusters starred as a shop clerk in one of the Mr. Whipple commercials way back when.
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If it is not only see-through, but also walk-through, then I like it. A truly interactive outdoor ad.
Due to some windows/quicktime thingy i couldn
I also think this one is a co