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Holy shit that is funny!
I love it.
He's got that manic creepy laughter down.
I've seen so many young whiz kids do it. They might be talented but if they can't take criticism well, they're just asses.
Most logical cobranding ever.
Mr. 100% all-beef thermometer. This is now my porn name.
Thanks for the excerpt, now I don't have to leave my chair to get the book. I read a little before buying anything as well. I can't stand shrink wrapped books.
Is that first one a self promo for an Art Director? It's a bit negative about his former employer isn't it? Also, he's a hell of a writer, this Art Director.
Funny and simple.
Is it w+k or is it some guy in Florida?
29. You can't take criticism without taking it extremely personally.
I know, that isn't funny.
Well acted.
I like these guys.
Be grateful for TV. Opium for he masses.
That's fantastic. Did they just hook a camera up to the weather cam?