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I really feel like the Titanium lion lost its way this year. It's supposed to, according to its description when it first launched, "honour work in any category that causes the industry to stop in...
Fun tweet in the background, too.
Add to the list, from a few years ago.
I guess I kind of disagree. The balloon gag only works because of the meaning that the placement over the head has been given by the creative on TV. And to me, it's a quick way to grab attention and...
Not nearly as creepy as the Psyop ones with the athletes walking on top of the Chinese people, in my opinion.
Would have been better if it made you dodge crowds of folks protesting China's human rights violations.
Did this come before or after ? It's a very similar idea for another GPS system.
And it's way more on brief. I would have done documentary-style :30 cuts of pieces like this instead of trying to recreate the feel of Balls with a :60. I think that would have been more effective...
Hey Whipple, Crispin's reviving you.
This was probably done with interior window decals, no?
Though a similar stunt with a billboard moving up and down a building would be awesome.
I'm coming to North Dakota to kick your ass. And I'm wearing Wayfarers.
Interesting. This harkens back to the ad they did in the infamous Guardian's San Serriffe travel insert in 1977. There's a pic of the 1977 white Guinness included in that article. Back then, they...
Hey Sony, balls out.
Colour like no other is a Bravia positioning line, not Sony in general. If this is for a general line of imaging products, I imagine color will not be the focus of the spot.
Obviously, this is just an example of the grassroots excitement Obama creates, not an officially sanctioned Obama advertising effort.
I hope they credited/reimbursed the Little People art project of London-based Slinkachu.