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Do they not have Subway or Quizno's in Canada?
Perhaps CYA is universal too.
I don't get why they aren't selling these by itself. Hello? Die-hard Trekkies + Pretty cool idea = Goldmine!
When I first heard about this, I thought he was filthy rich to buy a SB spot. But, I guess not. He still gets mad props in my book. I'd like to see someone beat this marriage proposal.
consumer created commercials are so much cheaper than agency-created commercials no?
I wonder what GM and Modernista! think about the H2 inclusion.
It may be because there was one written about "Discount Airline Pilot" and AirTran Airways (or Jet Blue?) got mad and threatened some sort of action.
Do you have the credits for this spot?
Have people ever eaten SPAM?
Great find! Stan really is an advertising legend here in Dallas. I especially liked the part about the focus group for Motel 6.
This was banned?
It seems like soccer (football) and basketball commercials trump other sports.
I agree. Some other really fun ads involving animals are the ones from RPA for the Honda Element!
Loved it! You might as well publish a book with all this info. Everybody's doing it these days.