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I love Budweiser ads.
Judging by your other comments here, you seem to have a vested interestest in Google staying the status quo, you are at least indifferent to their failures of inserting checks and balances for...
Well, someone is getting fucked....
This made me cringe. Some of those could actually run.
This looks so real, and so wrong.
ignorantia legis neminem excusat. Kim knows what will be uploaded isn't peoples own personal iPhoto collection. What if this turns into a very popular dropbox for a pedophile ring? Can he still wash...
This does sound as if Kim Dotcom has turned into a narc. "creditworthiness"? Kimble has always been an attention whore.
Not as good as BYU Study like a scholar, scholar spoof.
The FDA has recalled this ad citing overwhelming evidence that it is causing brain anyeurisms. So far 12 people have actually had their brains explode after watching this so-called "commercial"....