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Lame location scouting: shoreditch and covent garden.
Wow, your link goes to Fox News. Now, if Fox News is slagging you off, that's something. Good going techcrunch, you're considered out of whack by the most out of whack news agency I know!
Still, the...
First off, I'd like to insult you.
Then I'd like to demonstrate how lazy I am.
Please respond.
Because the internet doesn't have enough pr0n, you have to download an app, point it at a poster in the street and then view nekkid women.
This is totally lame-o.
Three letters: FFS!
Your final...
Well, if kids will play in the road with chalk, they can expect to be knocked over!
Oh. Then it's not good at all. Insight is wrong.
Bloody planners ;-)
Oh, have to add: good use of Phantogram on the soundtrack of this ad.
Haven't I already commented on this here? I'm confused.
Anyway, maybe in translation is has lost some of it's meaning, but where did they mention the magazine's name?
Also, if they gave away free wi...
Those comments are from two people, right?
Wow, is it really 30 years of women in offices fawning over a gay man?
Team Waffle?
Blue waffle is more appealing.
The desperation in their Twitter feed is embarrassing.
The above comments are hilarious.
Maybe, as a follow up, they can add a GPS tracker to some young...
Agree, it's rather lovely stuff.
But my arguments stand.
And with only us two commenting, seems no one else gives a fuck. That'll rile them.
Right! The ire in me has been building all night. Now, to comment. Possibly incoherently.
So, ironic, isn't it, that the medium chosen to bash 'brands' (yes, brands, not advertising - they seem to...
Also, this is almost an exact copy of one of their own ads: Nun kissing priest.
Which reminds me that, if you want to win awards, simply go back a few years, rip off something that's already been...
Only for the States ;-)
Not sure how the end line relates to the concept.
But, you know, it's a good way to engage people I suppose.