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I know I'm old and it's been over twenty years since I worked at an agency, but I'm not senile yet, and I got that.  I respect your opinion, rhetorical or not.  
Yeah, maybe they can do a whole pornstar series. Harry Reems could probably use a little cash.
I hate Zoo York!
Rich Kirshenbaum needs to recheck his facts and come off his high
horse. When I was a kid in NYC, Chiquita replaced their normal banana
stickers (for a short while) with a Kellogg's sticker...
For me, a good publicist is worth their weight in gold, and a bad one
isn't worth squat. I depend on a publicist's personal relationships, so
one who uses the shotgun method of sending the same FOR...
I'll preface this by saying that I thought this was very well done,
but after reading that fantastic publicist style hype, I expected this
ad to be uniquely creative, and something special, but it's...
Perhaps this will fly in Belgium, but I don't imagine (as funny as it is) that the bored housewife, RE: L00kinForSomeCock,
will show up on any American bus stops any time soon. Too Bad!  At
I'm sure that means something, but I can't figure it out. I'd understand if there were 195 aby90 type comments like that, but alas, there are not.
I thought Dwarf Vader was the crazy guy who dances in the costume on YouTube. Of course you wouldn't know that since YouTube is blocked for you! :-)
They have some nerve. ;-)
Yeah, your client probably doesn't want people sitting around all day watching YouTube on their time. :-)
I could see the average wo/man on the street liking this ad, but to me it just proves that bigger isn't better.
Yeah, BK might be looking for an older crowd, but I still didn't think they want to tell potential customers to come in late at night when you can join the Pimps, Hookers, Drug Dealers, and drunks,...
I imagine that everything "they do" is done on purpose since there's a concept and script and it's Keystone which saves the day, not Bitter Beer.
and I've been out drinking with you so I know it's true. ;-)
Well, I suppose Bleublancrouge is doing it better, but the ads in which the guy is in a relationship with a cow creep me out. The screwing cows ad with the Whopper Jr. tag and the music is funny.