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Hitler: evil man, great fashion.

I love it. Out of all the fast food brand coffees I've tried McDonalds is the best. Dunkin Donuts coffee tastes like styrofoam.

Except for the whole creepiness factor of having to step on people while ascending floors these are real clever. Good work.

The Hitler one was the best, by a lot. Most of the others I wish I hadn't seen.

This is just sickening, even worse than the other one about not needing to gas your car. I won't ever be buying michelin tires.

That's so cool. It's different forward and backward.

I love it! Great message, great production quality, great story. This is just great throughout.

I don't care about residue, that was a disgrace. I much rather have my fixtures shintastically clean than whatever these communist People Against Dirty hollywood perverts are selling (any...

Second one looks like he's farting really bad. They shouldn't have placed the poster behind him.

3 pixels is too small. Did they even take into consideration the horrible effects of eye strain caused by trying to decipher the microtype?

That would make a great banner ad for Evony.

Some people have filthy minds and like finding fault with everything. They are unsatisfied with life and so must cause trouble to create drama. There is nothing sexual about those images...

But there really are lots of mountains with water flowing down them, if there weren't the oceans wouldn't exist. Bottled water is a lot better than that other kind that has fluoride and lead...

Is this a real service or just some jackass joke?

That third one's got to be fake... I hope.