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I love it, although music doesn't wake me up nearly as effectively as a loud, monotonous beeping.
I still don't get it. If eating chocolate did that to those people I sure as hell won't want to eat it. But at least the Magnum ad had some relevance to the product. Starbucks has dogs jumping...
Hitler: evil man, great fashion.
What the fudge are they selling? I don't know what a "frappuccino" is but I don't want it to explode in my face or have dogs jump out of it. I guess they have to do something like this to disguise...
I saw the other Welch's commercial, also with this guy in it. I like them both. He seems very honest. If I had money I might actually buy grape juice.
I also like the one where the Old Spice guy...
I love it. Out of all the fast food brand coffees I've tried McDonalds is the best. Dunkin Donuts coffee tastes like styrofoam.
Except for the whole creepiness factor of having to step on people while ascending floors these are real clever. Good work.
The Hitler one was the best, by a lot. Most of the others I wish I hadn't seen.
This is just sickening, even worse than the other one about not needing to gas your car. I won't ever be buying michelin tires.
Yep. If you just change your tires you'll never need to put gas in your car! I remember when this fairy story came up more than a year ago, and now Michelin is perpetuating it.
That's so cool. It's different forward and backward.
I love it! Great message, great production quality, great story. This is just great throughout.
I don't care about residue, that was a disgrace. I much rather have my fixtures shintastically clean than whatever these communist People Against Dirty hollywood perverts are selling (any...
Yeah, it's stunning, but what does it have to do with beer?
They can't be serious.
Yeah, putting huge trees in the middle of busy city roads isn't dangerous at all. It goes real well with "saving lives" in the digital age.