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Also, I first though that it was 100-year old Mom, Dad and their three sons in that birthday ad, which is too kinky for my tastes.
Great idea, but the execution is too fashionable. Fashion is not sexy.
The idea and two weeks of filming and "the making of" movie set me up for disappointment. The film is good, but I was expecting mindbogglingly great.
Now that other people have begun saying dude, they'll have to continue with the "Dude" dude meeting a "Dude"-girl. I will not rest until I see that ad.
Agreed, this is really amusing for such a small joke. It's all in the execution. Reminds me of "whassup" in that I could easily picture this on a director's reel without a brand (yet) attached too...
The PIA ad is fantastic. When was the last time you saw a newspaper ad with such dramatic imagery? I see rubbish most days.
Yes, what tod.brody mentioned. But the thing that feels odd is that an ad agency does this, it smells of triyng to get good PR.
I'd take the ideas and start a joke ad agency with them.
You are correct, I thought it was strange to hand out clothes instead of shelter. But now that you mention it, of course they are out all day in the cold too where a coat will surely help.
I don't like this. Getting people who lack homes coats just feels wrong.
This doesn't seem to have taken off, googling about it keeps bringing me this article, and I've never seen a taste-insert yet. Most magazines I sub to are about cooking, so you'd think I'd be a...
This is stupid™
hypersonic sound beams: apply directly to gonads.