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Saw the Groupon ad and went WHOA that must have made sense... between bong hits.
I thought it was funny that the only thing other than the price of the device, that this was the best Kindle could do to say HEY LOOK AT US! One of my partners said he paid more attention to the...
Hello Queen of the Ads
Long time, been recovering from illness. Wanted to know if you saw that new kindle commercial that takes a shot at the ipad? thought it was good, in a Corona commercial sort...
oh well, I thought it was funny.
ick. just. ick.
Good work, Dabitch.
wow, that was funny, but i can see why some people got their panties in a... well, you know.
word fail. how 'bout i just say TPPPTHTHHHHH!
Looks like you've conquered your problem with the Quicktimes! Good work!
WOW that was fast! As always, I bow in appreciation. A very nice piece.
Do you have the 61-second version of Visa - Go World - Come Together? You have the 30 second version, but so far I'...
I'm a real commercial buff, of course, but I'm also a real music buff. The music (!) in this commercial is absolutely amazing, an evocative background that helps lift the viewer into the spirit of...
...a giant mouse might kick yer ass!  Hilarious!
Now THAT was funny!  It wasn't crass or lowbrow, it was just funny!  That's a winner for me!
Flat buns?  I like big butts, and I cannot lie.  Sincerely, Sir Mix-A-Lot