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Ah, now I see - they're all conjoined twins.
...they're all page not found?
I don't feel like reading the entire text to see what it says, but the fact that the high-lighted bits form a coherent story is quite neat.
Well, the animation is certainly old-fashioned, but the general feeling of self-righteousness reminds me more of what they were doing in the mid-1990's.
I wonder if in ten years a video will come along giving the Macarena similar treatment?
Hmm...this one doesn't seem much bigger than an actual napkin unfolded. Come on, guys, big it up a notch!
If they really are making a campaign of this, they could break all sorts of fast-food related "big things" records. Biggest straw, biggest packet of ketchup, biggest fry, etc. Probably worth it for...
Are those napkins made of actual napkin material? If so, that might be a world record of some sort.
Guess I spoke too soon. Perhaps they will do a giant grease stain ad (I somehow doubt it, though).
I'm pretty sure I've never seen an anti-smoking ad that did anything but make me want to buy some cigars. This one is no exception. Perhaps these ads are being secretly funded by tobacco companies?