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Ah, now I see - they're all conjoined twins.

...they're all page not found?

I don't feel like reading the entire text to see what it says, but the fact that the high-lighted bits form a coherent story is quite neat.

Next Canadian actors will be pledging their hypothetical votes to their canidate of choice...

Whoa whoa whoa...PETA is using Mother's Day as a metaphor for treating animals right. PETA no doubt also supports the protection of animals that commonly eat their own young. That's some prime...

Ah! Uncanny Valley!

Only a matter of time until those "Meet the Spartans" guys make an "80's Movie" (unfortunatly).

I wonder if in ten years a video will come along giving the Macarena similar treatment?

Ah, now I get it! I guess I was looking into it too much.

Hmm...this one doesn't seem much bigger than an actual napkin unfolded. Come on, guys, big it up a notch!

I feel slow, I don't get it.

If they really are making a campaign of this, they could break all sorts of fast-food related "big things" records. Biggest straw, biggest packet of ketchup, biggest fry, etc. Probably worth it...

Are those napkins made of actual napkin material? If so, that might be a world record of some sort.

Guess I spoke too soon. Perhaps they will do a giant grease stain ad (I somehow doubt it, though).

I bet "pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes" will be the next big internet meme. It has just the right ratios of random & silliness to thrive.

Probably works better as a one-off. The only other version I can think of is a gigantic grease stain for the Big Mac.