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Funny in a strange way. Having Charlie Jones, who just passed away, on a network who is his competition is funny. If I was in his predicament, I would have found it funny.
This commercial is ok. I understand why people think it's great but I've seen better. How did a kid get past security? Why didn't anybody stop him?
This is still a funny commercial. They should bring the Bud Bowl spots back. There are so many commercials that are not funny and stupid that air during the Super Bowl.
I didn't know Arby's was around back in the 80s. This is a national spot as it played during the Super Bowl but I don't think the Arby's chain was a national chain. I thought, back then anyway, that...
This is the famous spot with "Mean" Joe Greene and Coke. It's a great spot and one of the best Super Bowl ads. One thing I would like to know. How did that kid make it to the locker room. Don't you...
It did, I'm sorry. I stand corrected.
This was actually a spoof. Chevy Chase had a talkshow in Sept. 1993 and it totally bombed. When the executive is talking about how "he's not getting the ratings", that's how his talkshow got...
That is Candice Michelle who plays the girl. She is now a WWE wrestler.
I liked the commercial up until the vomit part. That was pretty disgusting. How can that not turn you off?
I guess you could make the argument that anything that Apple would have done wouldn't have come close to the success of the 1984 spot. The bar was set that high.
This spot has a character named Father Dominic. I believe his son in real life is Ian Eagle who's a sports commentator. I think Ian's Father (Father Dominic-Sorry I don't know his real name) just...
Thank you  but I'm not interested. It was a memorable spot, though.
For a hamburger. Oh My God.
Some of you must be thinking who this kid is. That's Macaulay Culkin who around this time was unstoppable. He was in between movies. He just finished the mega hit Home Alone and Home Alone 2 would...