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no shit sherlock!
But has it cheered you up a little?
It never leaves me in a bad mood.
Are you unhappy by any chance?
We had a glue shortage half way through. if only we had known about Hi Ho. i know its hard, but i wish he would get a move on and make his mind up.
i love you mum, i love you dad.
were you one of them by any chance?
someone grab a hose and put her out. Hang on here's a bag of bullshit will that do.
you need to chillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!
can you not detect any sense of irony in my tone?
i never...
we have jobs sonny....x
Terribly sorry did I miss something, could you possibly highlight those constructive criticisms your flapping about.. As I said, a voice over is something that would make it more captivating and was...
i was so intrigued i went and had a peek at the Mike Huckabee - Chuck Norris. i'd never seen it. i can't thank you enough. i've even added it too my favourites.
ok, ok! you can have a choice your...
i admit there was an element of spin (i just can't help myself). however you lot do like to bitch.
Wooooohhh there Hi Ho silver! here's some hay and drink of water.
Did I forget to mention that it's also only a 1000 hits behind the recent wonderbra viral ad and its holding the number one spot for...
"give me some room, nurse.... defibrillator...... stand clrear......."
"time..... 2.55pm"
To be honest its nice to get so much attention! we put it together in about half an hour. A voice over would...