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famous people and beer commercials.... lol
.... I got nothing - its made of "fun fur." I don't even know what fun fur is but it sure sounds better than what I have to offer.
rockin' ink
ahhh i love it!
You know what it most likely is..... their announcers soothing voice... something about it just lulls me to sleep... that's gotta be the case..
anyhow, i thought i tagged it under the right category...
Well, you caught me (so I might as well publicly admit it), I didn't search Adland before posting. I did a quick search on google + a few other ad blogs, couldn't find any mention of it so assumed I...
The Amazing Life one from their THX Trailers site is simply amazing though.
Definitely beats those sign flipper jobs they have kids doing these days for sure!
I just wonder how many people were charged to receive an SMS advertisement on their phones....(I don't know what...