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Well, just like the ad says, "The all-new Chevy Malibu, built to last, built to love!", and that's a fact!
"Wake-Up Call" by Hayden Panettiere is the song used in the Kohl's ad, right?
This Baskin Robbins ad features Brittany Snow from American Dreams!
A rabbit and a panther? Or rabbit/panther?
This commercial should be on these 3 shows:
The Hills
Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County
Dawson's Creek
It's explosive! Puma: The Next Generation of Shoes.
Fire baby? What is a fire baby?
What a great commercial! Sometimes, Haley McCormick would see this!
That must be from 2002, the first Aveeno commercial featuring Daniella Von Gross!
I saw this commercial on Toon Disney and CMT back in 2003.
I think this 2003 Clearasil Ice Wash commercial features Jennifer Townsend.
This is one of the best commercials ever that aired on one of the networks like CMT. I think the best part is going out on a date!
Who says "Here's your burger!"?
Who is the girl in this commercial? Is it Jennifer Townsend? I think it looks a lot like Jennifer Townsend.