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Hey, Jared, you deserve a break today -- at McDonalds!
Hey, Colonel Sanders, kluck you!
Hey, I'm-a-Mac, byte my hard ... disk.
Hey, Aflac duck, come get these bread crumbs! That's it ... good ducky ... a little closer ... ... That's better.
Hey, Verizon Test Man, take your phone and bury it in your rectum. Can you hear me now?
Hey, Orville Redenbacher, drop dead ... again.
(This is an alternate version of my earlier title, posted above.)
Thanks, guys! I have an alternate version of this title further below.
Hey, giant Burger King head, squeeze your Whopper and squirt some condiments out of it!
Hey, Orville Redenbacher, drop dead! Oh ... you already have. Sort of.
Hey, Larry Craig, squeeze thi-- eww, that's gross.
Okay, I guess the senator doesn't do commercials.
Hey, James Dyson, suck this!