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A little weird, but still quite cute.
Don't think I've ever seen glow in the dark ads before. Pretty neat, although this is super creepy (as it is obviously intended to be.) I wonder if Disney is ok with the using all those Winnie the...
I'm a Mac user, so I guess I like these ads too much, but I really love this one. My PC died on me ALL the time, exactly like the PC in this one .
Great use of repetition. Didn't really like the chocolate oreos, though.
Nowhere near as awesome as the Mickey's Magix cereal.
I liked this one, but it's almost exactly like a scene in The Incredibles.
Zorro trailers are always pretty cool.
What happened to all the Green M&M ads? Haven't seen any in ages.
This campaign was wacky but fun. Not sure that I miss it, though.
Old Disney ads were pretty good.
I LOVE this one. We need more ads like this one.
I loved this one. They didn't run it enough later, though.
Promoting the fact that your brand turns things orange is not necessarily a great marketing campaign.
Not very memorable as a super bowl commercial, but kinda neat looking nonetheless.
These just keep getting more and more annoying.
This is the only one from this set that I actually like, and I NEVER see it on tv. ARGH.